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2018 Tournament Rules

Download Rules as PDF:  2018 J.B.Carr Rules


JB Carr Tournament Rules 2018





The competition format will be SCOTCH FOURSOMES MATCHPLAY for male competitors who have reached their 60th birthday on or before 1st January 2018. A team with an underage player will be disqualified.




Teams will consist of 5 pairings. Players on the team may be changed throughout the tournament. A player may only represent one Club.


Combined Handicaps


Please note that the combined handicap limit is 30. The handicaps (on 01/01/2018) of each pairing shall be combined. Pairings with a combined handicap in excess of 30 are allowed, but they are limited to a maximum combined handicap of 30. An incorrect handicap means automatic disqualification of that team.


Stroke Allowance


Is based on half the difference of the COMBINED HANDICAPS (maximum 30 see above). Stroke allowances are rounded up to the nearest whole number.


Courtesy Shot


All club matches are to be played at the venue of the top club in the draw. To compensate for the home advantage, each pair of the away team will receive one courtesy shot per match. Firstly, calculate the normal shot differential between the Stroke Allowances of the two pairings and then credit the extra courtesy shot to the visiting pair.


County Finals and Provincial Rounds & Finals, Ulster, Munster & Connacht – There are no courtesy shots here as all will play home and away matches.


Leinster County Finals and Provincial Final are home and away - Other games per draw with courtesy shot applying.


The county team on top of the draw shall have the choice of venue for the first of the two legs. The result will be based on the cumulative total of match wins from the two fixtures. If the overall result produces a draw, the result will be decided that day by a sudden death playoff, commencing on the 1st hole. Each team manager shall nominate anyone of his said pairings for the playoff. Stroke Allowance will apply. (see item 4 above)




All matches must be played by the date specified. Sorry, but no extensions can be permitted. Unplayed matches shall be scratched, unless one of the clubs has received a walkover. Unfortunately, we must strictly adhere to this in the interest of equity and competition efficiency.


Exchange of Pairings


Prior to the commencement of a team match, the respective team managers shall simultaneously interchange the names of their teams, their handicaps and the order of play.  It is the responsibility of each Team Manager to check with the opposing Team Manager to ensure ALL team players are over 60 years on or before 1st January 2018 before the match commences.




All matches are to be played off the weekly summer competition tees. All matches to be played to a finish until an overall result has been obtained. There are no halved matches.




Buggies are allowed only with appropriate medical certificate.


Meals / Drinks


After match meals and drinks shall be shared equally between home and visiting Clubs.




Results of the matches must be communicated by the winning team within three days.  Contact  WOODENBRIDGE GOLF CLUB TEL: 0402 35202 - (from Republic) If calling from Northern Ireland, use prefix 00353. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Provincial Champions shall play the All Ireland semi-finals and finals at Woodenbridge Golf Club on the Saturday and Sunday, 1st & 2nd September 2018.




In all disputes, the decision of the Woodenbridge Golf Club shall be final. Woodenbridge Golf Club reserves the right to alter and revise the Competition Rules as it sees fit.


Notes re Rules 2018


Please note handicap change from 32 to 30 for combined handicap limit.


We are asking that tees from which majority of weekly summer competitions are played be used as J.B.Carr tees.


Colours are different in some clubs. Some clubs use a further back tee for one medal competition in four. We feel that is too long for men of our age.


Other clubs like ours have a green for forward tees and a white for our summer competitions, from which J.B.Carr is played. This was the area for which most queries arose last year. We hope this has clarified situation.